Thursday, April 7, 2016

marine mechanic

S&S Marine Services is located near Tarpon Springs is an electric seaside community that is as diverse as it is beautiful. Its waterfront is a working seaport and shopping district with the unmistakeable feel of a Grecian fishing village. Sandy beaches and scenic waterside views await you! The most popular place to be here for boat lovers is the Turtle Cove Marina. It sits in a protective cove but is only 15 minutes from the open gulf waters. Turtle Cove offers fishing all year round and has a fantastic mix of the best flats and deep sea fishing in the country! It also sits opposite the historic sponge docks so there's plenty to do when you're finished boating for the day. Hidden away on the Anclote River is the elusive “Boat Club”, which is accessible by river or road. You'll find a old boat that sits 10 feet above in the trees having been stuck here after a storm in 1993. The place is quirky and very run down but it adds to the charm. Expect plastic cups but a whole lot of friendliness from the locals!


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Researchers Uncover Different Variations of MERS Virus

Title: Researchers Uncover Different Variations of MERS Virus
Category: Health News
Created: 12/17/2015 12:00:00 AM
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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Veterinarians at UC Davis tend to animals injured in Calif. fires

University of California at Davis veterinarians and technicians are tending to dozens of animals injured in Northern Californ -More-

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Reasons I Began Practicing in this Field

When I began practicing my field in medicine, technology was still very basic and mostly found in the instruments we used. In the more recent times, things have definitely changed and as a doctor, I not only had to learn how to hone my skills but I also had to learn how to be technologically efficient as well.


Back then, I did not own a computer and I honestly did not want to have to do anything with it but now I not only have a desktop (at work and at home) but I also own an iPad and an iPhone! Not only that, I’m also sort of into social media at the same time. I am an avid user of Facebook, where I like to  share photos and post funny stories for my friends and I to discuss and laugh about and I also know how to use Instagram! I’m not very good at it though but hey, to say that I’m outdated would be a lie and I know I’m hip! Hihihi.


At the center, things are very high tech and most of our documentation is done on a computer instead of writing like we used to do before. Recently, we’ve changed our database program and we’re definitely seeing the benefits.


I think it’s great that we’ve decided to go green and refrain from using so much paper. I remember how fluttered my desk would be before and how time consuming it would be to document each patient's progress. But now, documentation is faster, it’s safer and it’s even easier to consolidate information when I need it!


They say that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks but in my field of work, it’s important for us to be sponge like and absorb as much information as we can in order to create better work scenarios for the benefit of our patients, as well.


Fun fact, we do not allow our patients to use computers or have access to the internet at the center while they are admitted. For the first few weeks, we like to detach them for the world so we can try a hard detox on them and sometimes, the internet can be a bad influence on them.

Whoever made the saying “Rehab is for quitters” is a shmuck and we don’t like him!